Massage Therapy

Each massage is customized to each individual person’s needs. There are so many medical benefits that come from massage. For example: it naturally lowers blood pressure, improves circulation, builds the immune system, releases endorphin, relieves pain and reduces stress just to name a few. Each massage includes free hydrotherapy.

Adam & Eve’s Signature Massage

We believe that the most beneficial massage is one that is both therapeutic and relaxing. Therefore, we incorporate Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, and stretching into this massage. This is the most popular of all the massages offered. You will receive therapeutic benefits with an overall feeling of deep relaxation. If you have never had a massage before this is a great one to start off with. This massage also ends in a hot towel wrap and foot massage!

30 Min $40
1 Hour $70
90 Min $95
2 hours $140


Couples Massage

Couples share the same room by candlelight and soft music and two therapists side by side. You will lay close enough to reach out and touch hands. A foot massage followed with hot towels will end the session.

60 min $90
90min $115
(per person)


Swedish/Relaxation Massage

This massage is for total body relaxation. It relieves stress and tension with a combination of long strokes and gentle pressure.

30 Min $35
1 Hour $65
90 Min $90
2 Hours $135


Deep Tissue

Lets start off by clearing one thing up…deep tissue is NOT supposed to be painful. Yes, at time things may be a little tender, but it should never be intolerable. Good! Deep tissue is great for chronically tight and painful muscles, repetitive strain, postural problems, and recovery from injury.

30 Min $40
1 Hour $75
90 Min $100



Through the softening of trigger points, muscle energy techniques and myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy aims to reduce chronic pain, increase range of motion, correct postural distortion, relieve muscle tightness, and reduce muscle congestion.

30 Min $40
1 Hour $75
90 Min $100
2 Hours $150


Sports Massage

Sports massage is specifically used before, during or after athletic events. This massage prepares the athlete for peek performance. It drains away fatigue, relieves swelling to reduce muscle tension, promotes flexibility and prevents injury.

30 Min $45
1 Hour $75
90 Min $95


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Euro Body Shaper Massage

Enhances metabolism, Improves blood circulation, Helps aid in digestion, Reduces pressure and stress! This full size vibration machine used after massage will help toxins filter out of the body in bladder and colon!  Goes well with any treatment that involves massage  $10 per treatment    $5 added to service

Use determined after initial consult as there are contraindications in using this machine

Spa Detoxifying Ionic Foot Bath

This foot treatment is a powerful way to experience cellular detoxification. Everyday we ingest and store a variety of pesticides, herbicides, colorings, additives, preservatives, chemicals, synthetics and other foreign materials threw our water, food and air. This system generates a stream of charged atoms which attach themselves to the various toxic particles in your body. The toxins are then drawn out of the body through the pores in your feet to cleanse and detoxify the whole body. Recommended in series. This treatment is for all except pregnant/lactating women, someone with an organ transplant, a pacemaker, weak heart or type 1 diabetes.

Add this after any massage for $30 or buy package of 5 for $100


Salt Glow For the Hands or Feet

Exfoliate and moisturize your skin with a blend of essential oils and sea salts. Followed by a hot towel wrap.


Combo Glow

Why choose between your hands and feet? Treat them both to the power of essential oils and sea salts. You’ll love the way your skin will feel.


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