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                                   HAPPY NEW YEAR!




 Massage Special for month of FEBRUARY  1-90 min  massage $80 or
Adam and Eve  Signature Massage 1-60 min  massage $60


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High Frequency Hyfrecator

Electrical energy kills tissue near a probe removing water
from the tissue, leaving the tissue white and dead!
Removes skin tags and Age Spots!
Call 727-398-6203 to schedule a consult

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 Micro-Needling SPECIAL!

  Fractional Collagen Induction

(Micro-TherapyNeedling Facial)

      Package  Price $159.00
Turn back the hands of time!
This facial is  a minimally-invasive,  non-surgical and non ablative procedure that involves the use of a micro-needling pen device to create controlled skin injury resulting in production of collagen and elastin.  Unlike chemical peels, dermabrasion and laser treatements, skin needling causes minimal damage to the skin that tightens sagging skin, reduces fine lines and deep wrinkles and in some cases fades stretch marks.
Add Moringa to your daily regimen
Now available at Adam and Eve Day Spa
Moringa, known as the “Miracle Tree”! Moringa is packed with Vitamins and MineralsMoringa leaf powder
is full of the vitamins your body needs to thrive, and in higher concentrations than many of the most popular superfoods. Each capsule contains:


-Vitamin A: Nearly thirteen times as much Vitamin A as spinach

-Vitamin B: Plenty of B vitamins to keep your energy levels up.

-Vitamin C: Moringa contains almost seven times as much Vitamin C as oranges, which is essential for a healthy immune system.

-Vitamin D: Regular intake of Vitamin D can help your overall physical health, mental health, and will help keep skin and hair looking great.

-Vitamin E: Each gram of Moringa has twenty times more Vitamin E than Tofu.

-Potassium: Moringa has fifteen times the potassium of bananas.

-Calcium: With over seventeen times more calcium than milk, Moringa is excellent for promoting healthy bones.

-Iron: Moringa has twenty-five times more iron than an equivalent amount of spinach.

-Magnesium: While kale is considered to be a superfood, Moringa has eight times more magnesium.

Making sure your body has the right intake of minerals is also important. While healthy foods like fruits and vegetables often contain the recommended amount of a few recommended minerals, taking Moringa powder capsules will deliver most of your required daily minerals in just a few capsules.





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