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A&E is a genuine oasis 10 minutes from the beach that combines relaxing message therapy, beauty and wellness services.

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Our Spa History.

  1. Our Great Opening in New York

    The Spa Center Rela is where tradition meets modern health and beauty. This 8,000 square foot oasis for wellness is located in New York. The Spa at Rela combines all aspects of spa, beauty, and wellness to create a full service menu with both classic and trending services.

  2. We Opened New Ways for Your Relax

    As leaders in anti-aging skincare, wellness and beauty, we thrive on providing our clients with ultimate care, exceeding their ultimate wellness goals. We are proud to offer exclusive and specialized German technology based treatments that provide incredible results and benefits to your skin health.

  3. Our Second Spa Center Opened in Rotterdam

    Our highly trained estheticians hone their expertise with breakthrough techniques and the most advanced and non-invasive technology. We are a sanctuary, providing a peaceful space of wellness, beauty and overall health. Our passionate and nurturing staff will treat you to the best in relaxation.

  4. We Added New Progressive Services

    We welcome each and every guest to the Rela as a member of our Community Center. We provide a welcoming and inclusive space for all humans. Our grounds are open for members to come and relax in, when they need some time away from the hustle and bustle. Meditate, stretch, unwind, whatever.

  5. Our Third Spa Center Opened in Madrid

    Rela Spa combines ancient traditions with the most renowned and up-to-date technologies, in a context where beauty and the charming surrounding environment encourage healthy living, in harmony with the rhythms and cycles of nature.

  6. New Experience in Medical Sphere

    Offers a classical circuit developing along a number of bathtubs and sensory showers, a bio-sauna, Finnish sauna, steam bath, ice waterfall, sound bath, Kneipp circuit, swimming pool with water jets and water blades, whirlpool seats and a relaxation area.

  7. Our Fourth Spa Center Opened in Kyoto

    Numerous types of massages are available, from gentle, light sessions to more vigorous treatments, designed to invigorate, to enjoy alone or as a couple - to pamper yourself alongside your loved one. Our massages include LomiLomi Hawaiian, Thai and Swedish massage, reflexology, etc.

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